Custom Bag, Tote, and Wallet Info & FAQs

Right now the "Bags & Totes" section of the shop is pretty bare.  That is due in part to most of the bags being made are for custom orders.  Most of the custom bags I've made can be found in the "Custom Order Gallery", although some bags are sent out before pictures can be taken.

I have a WIDE variety of bag styles available to order and can make a completely custom bag just for you!  

Thinking about ordering?  Here is some important info for you.

How Long Does It Take?

Depending on current production schedule, custom bags can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks (or more if really busy).  Current turn-around time can be found in the banner at the top of every page.  Your order gets put into the production queue once the deposit order has been placed.  If you are in a rush for your order, please either use the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of the site, message me thru Facebook (, or send an email directly to rosie AT itscominguprosie DOT com.

What is the price? 

Pricing on the bag varies based on a number of factors.  Complexity, size, fabric choices, hardware choices, strap options, modifications, etc.  Most bags have a "standard" price that ranges from around $59 - $135.  Additions (i.e. cross-body strap, extra pockets, size changes, etc) are all additional. 

How Do I Pay?

There is a 50% non-refundable deposit required at the time of order.  The remaining 50% plus the shipping charge will be due upon completion.  I will put up two listings for you under the "Custom Listings" tab.  One is for the deposit and the other is for the balance.  Shipping will automatically calculate on the balance listing for you.  Your order will not be put into the production queue until the deposit has been made.

Can I make changes after my order is placed?

Short answer... Maybe.  Depending on what you are wanting to change and where your bag is in the production stage.  If it is pre-production stage and is minor, yes.  Once production has started changes may not able to be made.

Can I cancel my order?

The 50% deposit is non-refundable, but you are welcome to cancel your order but it will forefit the deposit.  There are no returns/exchanges on any custom bag once it has shipped.

How can I order?

That's easy!  Simply submit a Custom Order Request  and let me know what you are looking for.  We can work out which pattern, fabrics, hardware colors, etc. and get you ready to go.

Please feel free to email directly or message via Facebook with any questions/concerns/comments!