We Have a Home Of Our Own!

We Have a Home Of Our Own!

Welcome, and please come in!

When It's Coming Up Rosie started back in 2015 on Etsy, it was a slow start.  Just a few keychains and a couple of miscellaneous items here and there.  It wasn't for a few months that the shop was being noticed and the orders finally started coming in.  Then, with doing a craft show that same year and having many more items to offer, the shop grew.  It has continued to grow over the past 2 years into what it is today.

Unfortunately, Etsy has it's limits and we've reached a point where we have "outgrown" them.  There were things we wanted to do, but on Etsy it was either very difficult or impossible to do without it becoming too complicated.  It was time for a change!

Adding a new "baby" to our studio, Leia - a Brother PR655 6-Needle embroidery machine) was the first step.  Now production time is cut in over half and the machine opened up new opportunities for designs and items with its upgraded capabilities.  We've now got the products we want to do within reach, but the shop was still hindering us and preventive us to become the shop we wanted to be. 

After much research, we finally found a home that would accommodate our needs and wants.  Once we made our decision, it has been countless hours designing, testing, taking photos, and adding listings.  We also have over 50 NEW items that have been launched.  It's been a busy, BUSY few months, but we are very excited!

And here we are today.... in our new home!  The new shop brings so many new opportunities for both you as a customer, as well as It's Coming Up Rosie as a shop.  More shopping features, easier to navigate, and a new "splash of paint" with new branding.  It also requires less "back end" work which will result in less time on the IT end of things and more time creating.

Here are some of the NEW FEATURES of the new shop:

  • New Storefront - With a refreshed site that contains easy-to-navigate and search menus, it will be much easier to find what you are looking for.
  • New "Sales Channels" - Now you are not limited to shopping just on the website.  You will now be able to shop directly from our Facebook page, order online and pay in-person, and buy directly from Pintrest.
  • Facebook Messenger - You can now simply message us via Facebook Messenger and we can complete your order in a snap.  There is a "Message Us" button on the site (bottom right-hand corner) that will send us a Facebook message so that we can easily answer your questions and help you in any way.  Also, upon checkout, you will be asked if you would like to receive Facebook messages regarding your order.  From order confirmation, to shipment confirmation, to out for delivery notification, to delivery notification, you can receive up-to-day messages so you can track your order from start to finish!
  • MORE Discounts and Promotions - With the new shop, it will be much easier for us to feature new items, put items on sale, and offer many different coupons with ease.
  • Newsletter - We will be doing a semi-monthly/monthly newsletter to share upcoming updates, new products, pre-order information (i.e. Snowball Fight Sets), as well as shop info such as holiday order cut-off times and current production schedules.  We will also be doing some newsletter subscriber only coupons as well!  Make sure you sign up so you can stay in the loop!

One of the other additions to the shop is a regular shop update schedule.  New items and updates will be every other Wednesday evening at 8pm EST.  We have SO MANY new ideas and projects planned, it was impossible to get everything done before our Grand Opening.  However, it will be a very busy summer for us as we work hard to get these ideas out of our head and make them a reality.  Look for Shop Update announcements on both Facebook ( and on Instagram ( 

It's Coming Up Rosie also has a new member to the team.  Rosie's mom, Nana Jacki.  Nana Jacki brings her creativity, vast experience in sewing, embroidery, and garment making, as well as her digitizing ability to the shop.  She is a wonderful addition to the team, and you will be seeing more of her work in the months to come.

There will be more shop features to come in the future, and we are so excited about this new adventure as we grow.

If you have any questions, comments, feedback, just want to say "hi", please fell free to shoot us a message!  We'd love to hear from you.

Thank you so very much for your support and and we feel truly blessed.


~ Rosie and NanaJacki